Farapi is Ana, Araitz, Bego, Gabriela, Gara, Haizea, Irati, June, Leire, Maider, Maria, Nico, Nerea and Oihane. We work as a team and our focus is on the individuals who together make up the company. Our work is based on solid interdisciplinary knowledge ranging from Social Anthropology, Feminism, Participative Processes and Economics. And that is where our creativity lies: in the mixture of sharing what we all have in common and what sets each of us apart as individuals.

We believe in the capacity of human beings to transform reality and we are convinced that working together can better achieve social change.

We work optimistically but responsibly towards this goal, taking great care in whatever we are doing. And most days we come gladly to work. We are tuned in to our clients’ needs and offer a tailor-made service adapted to their requirements. We are particularly attentive to the different stages in the development of a project, convinced that the process is closely connected to the quality of the end result. Moreover, this is what our clients’ value the most.

Mundaiz bidea 10, 23.bulegoa
20012 Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)

Calle Travieso 27, 2-A
35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

T (+34) 943 00 35 85
F (+34) 943 00 35 84